If My 5-Year-Old Named the Baby

I was cleaning out my office this past weekend when I came across a scrap piece of tattered yellow paper that had a list of both boy and girl names written on it.

A column of boy names, and a column of girl names. All neatly printed out in my then 5-year-old daughter’s best penmanship. What I had found was a baby name list she had come up with while I was pregnant with baby Paul.


I remember clearly that at the time this list was created, we were having an extremely rough time coming up with appropriate baby names. Many dinnertime discussions were spent brainstorming baby names for our upcoming fourth bundle of joy. Not to be left out of the discussion, my daughter came up with a pretty funny list of her own.

Personal favorites include: Fofu, Gagon and Jmix (for girls), and Monow, Rtion and Clylo for boys.

I will admit, Paul would have made a good Fofu had he been a little girl. Don’t you think?

I’m so glad I found this little piece of silly family history! And instead of throwing the list in the recycle bin with the rest of the office trash, I think it might deserve a more permanent home. Maybe a frame or something, or at least a spot in baby Paul’s baby book.

How about you? Would you ever consider letting an older sibling name the baby? What crazy names were at the top of their lists?

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