If I Could Do My Baby Registry Over Again

Since having Judah, I’ve gotten a good sense of the baby gear we really needed, the things that were great to have but not necessary, and the stuff we absolutely didn’t need. With a few close friends due with their first babies in the next month, I’ve been dishing out all my “get this, scrap that!” advice. I had a fantastic experience registering with Babies”R”Us and we received so many wonderful gifts.

Granted, every baby is different, but if I had to do my baby registry all over again, these are the five must-have essentials I would have included from the get-go.

  • A Zip Closure Diaper Bag

    We made a rookie mistake with probably everyone’s number 1 registry item: We registered for a lovely diaper bag… that is open on the top. While it’s great to just reach in and grab what I need, it’s not so great when it falls over and everything comes tumbling out! Totally should have registered for this cute 5-piece diaper bag set!

    Get it at Walmart

  • Bulk Boxes of Baby Wipes

    It is shocking how many baby wipes you’ll go through with a newborn. Register for as many bulk boxes of wipes as you can!

    Get them at Babies"R"Us

  • A Multi-Speed Swing

    We waited entirely too long to get a swing, especially when Judah had colic. The gentle rocking motion was a lifesaver for us! Definitely register for a swing; while a pricey purchase, it makes a great group gift.

    Get it at Sears

  • NUK Orthodontic Bottles

    We love NUK products in this house – love, love, love. But it took us several brands of bottles to figure that out. Lots of moms told us to go with NUK but we were hesitant to register for any one brand of bottle. We should have listened!

    Get them at Babies"R"Us

  • Soft Stacking Blocks

    Blocks are the best toys ever: you can stack ‘em, knock ‘em down and even tuck a few in the diaper bag. Once Judah started working on fine motor skills, we really shopped around to find appropriately-sized blocks for his age. These Disney Baby soft blocks would have been perfect!

    Get them at Disney Store

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