I Love Dressing My Daughters Alike

There are so many things I love about having two little girls.

I love that they have a sister (I am the oldest of three girls in my family).

I feel comfortable having a second girl because I already knew at least something about being parent to a girl.

I appreciate that it’s easy to pass along hand-me-downs to my baby from my older daughter.

I love watching them play together.

But I can’t pretend that I don’t especially love dressing them in matching outfits.

Matching Sisters

I didn’t think I’d be the kind of mom to dress my girls alike, but now that I have two girls, I find that I just can’t resist it.

There’s something so cute about two little sisters in matching or coordinating outfits.

And even better, my older daughter is old enough to think it’s the most fun thing imaginable to match with her baby sister.

Heaven help us all if my (future) third child happens to be a girl too.

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