I Knew I Was a Mom When…

Motherhood hits you fast and furious with the delivery (or adoption) of your first baby.  Friends and family can prepare you by telling you how much love you’ll feel to how scared and tired you’ll feel, but it usually takes weeks, even months, for the amazing realization to actually set in that you are indeed a mother now.  At least it did for me.  For me, it wasn’t just one instance that sealed the deal for me either, it was often little occurrences throughout the day that all added up to me feeling like motherhood was my new normal.  It was often intimate, loving little things that came on instinctively, but today, I would like to share the funnier side of motherhood.  The silly, ridiculous and unbelievable moments that happened to me, and let me know that I was now indeed a mother.

  • When Did You Know You Were A Mom?

    When Did You Know You Were A Mom?

    Anything funny happen to you in the first year, that let you know you had indeed become a mother? Read on to see what sealed the deal for me…

  • Sleep Deprivation & Hotel Daydreams

    Sleep Deprivation & Hotel Daydreams

    Those first few weeks of unprepared sleep deprivation are truly brutal, especially the first time around. I vividly recall fantasizing about sneaking off to a hotel, often times even sans husband, to just sleep for a few hours. Nothing fancy or luxurious, I didn’t even need room service or a massage, but just 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I knew would make me a new person. My daydream never did become a reality, but eventually all 3 of my babies started sleeping better and I no longer had to fantasize.

  • Bye Bye Pretty Purse, Hello Diaper Bag

    Bye Bye Pretty Purse, Hello Diaper Bag

    Oh the beautiful purses I used to collect before I had babies. Now I realize how completely impractical they are, and rough and tough diaper bags are much more practical. But regardless, it’s definitely a wake up call when you no longer reach for your favorite purse, but instead feel lost without your diaper bag. Eventually the purses do come back, but the diaper bag is your BFF for the first year.

  • Kids TV Becomes Your New Normal

    Kids TV Becomes Your New Normal

    Eventually your children catch on to how exciting kids TV shows can be, and you catch on that you can actually cook dinner with ease or clean up the breakfast dishes, if you put it on for them. The kicker though, is how you will most definitely catch yourself still watching the kids programs, long after the kids have gone down for their nap or left the room. Don’t be embarrassed, it happens to all of us.

  • My Bed Looks Very Nice Come 10pm

    My Bed Looks Very Nice Come 10pm

    I definitely knew I was a mom when 10 pm became my new normal bedtime, or at least the bedtime I longed for. Even though there are many days I can’t manage to work, do the dishes and the laundry, and enjoy a bit of downtime, all while getting to bed by 10, it’s at least what I strive for. Being a mother requires more energy than I ever thought possible, and to be at my best, an earlier bedtime is so important.

  • Girls Night Out Very Happily Becomes Girls Night In

    Girls Night Out Very Happily Becomes Girls Night In

    Dinners at new restaurants, chatting it up at a local wine bar or maybe even some dancing were all part of my regular girls night out routine. But getting dressed up to go out to eat, or trying to talk over people is not how my girlfriends and I want to spend time together now that we’ve all become moms. So we usually get comfy, grab coffee and dessert, and settle in for a night of chatting on someone’s cozy couch. It’s our new idea of fun and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  • A Constantly Messy Car

    A Constantly Messy Car

    I knew I was a mom when instead of my car being riddled with empty water bottles and dry cleaning that needed to be brought in, I now found a steady stream of goldfish and puffs lying all across the floor. My how things change.

  • Get There Faster

    Get There Faster

    While I revealed last week, all the ways having a baby can make me late, at least I have the added benefit of a constant carpool companion. It’s the little things, like riding in the fast lane, that make this job of being a mom, that much better.

  • Unidentifiable Stains

    Unidentifiable Stains

    I knew I was a mom when I officially couldn’t tell the difference between one stain to the next. Is it spit up, baby food, or even the remnants of a runny nose, who knows? But those stains are my badge of honor and I wear them with pride! Well at least while at home. I do make sure to change my messy shirt before I go out.

  • From High Heels to Low Flats

    From High Heels to Low Flats

    While I hold onto several pairs of my favorite heels, just in case, my go-to shoes of choice are most definitely flats of some sort, usually ballet flats because they can be cute, stylish, yet still functional. I’d never even owned a pair of flats, other than tennies and flip flops, until I became a mom. Either way, my feet thank me, and the baby, for finally allowing them a much needed break.

  • It Really Is True - I'm Lucky If I Get A Shower In

    It Really Is True - I'm Lucky If I Get A Shower In

    It’s true what they say, taking a shower does become a luxury. So often, I went to take a shower while I thought baby was napping, only to have him wake up within seconds of me turning on the water. Or now that he’s very mobile and crawling, I never thought to get a shower in, I’d have to actually take it with the door open so he could see me and not sob outside the door for 5 minutes. I so get it. And moms who get that shower in for the day, major high fives to you. I know how hard you worked to get it.

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