How to Take the Drama Out of Bath Time (And More)

It’s true, after three kids — and a lot of experimenting — there are still a few parenting basics that bring me to my knees (especially around bath time). Previously, I asked you, Disney Baby readers, to help this desperate mama.

And you did. Here are some of the great tips you shared. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Problem #1: Nail Cutting

(You know, without making Baby bleed … or bite you.)


• Do your nail cutting while Baby (the deep sleeper) is snoozing.
• Cuddle up on the couch, sneak a finger in your mouth and bite that nail right off.
• Forget the clippers, use a nail file — try a crystal file for quick, smooth results.
• Do your nails first to show Baby getting a manicure can be fun and painless.
• Make it a game — tell a silly story, pretend to throw the nails, etc.
• When all else fails, use TV, candy, or other forms of bribery.

Baby hair wash

Problem #2: Hair Washing

(You know, without your kid acting like you’re engaging in rare forms of torture.)


• Have Baby lie back in the water (just a tiny bit for babies). Bonus: Let your kiddo practice kicking, look at stickers on the ceiling, or listen to the “sea.”
• Sing a song to distract Baby and track how long it will take.
• Make sure the water is warm enough. (This was a simple fix for a few people.)
• Count to three, then blow in Baby’s face and rinse. Baby will react by holding his breath and closing his eyes.
• Have bigger kiddos wear goggles or wipe their eyes with a special towel.

Problem #3: Staying Calm

(You know, when your little one falls for the 500th time of the day.)


• If you rest when Baby naps, you may not be as sensitive to the drama.
• They react how you do, so do your best to stay calm. Don’t even mention it if Baby doesn’t.
• Teach Baby to reprimand whatever tripped her up (the sidewalk, toys, etc.) to give her an outlet for her feelings — and maybe even make her laugh.
• Meditate, drink tea, and remember what Rachel says: “Kids are resilient … they are like Tigger — made out of springs!”

I also made a joke at the end that I’d give bonus points to anyone who could get my kids to sleep past 6 a.m. And, being the overachievers that you are, you had some great ideas! You suggested a snack, a walk and/or a tickle attack right before bedtime to be sure Baby is full and worn out. Another tip is to set a timer light to go on when (bigger) Baby is allowed to get up.

You’re one impressive group of parents and I’m definitely not done picking your brains. Thanks for the ideas and encouragement!

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