Add a Dash of Magic to Mealtime with Winnie the Pooh

Once Baby starts eating solid foods, you’ve entered a whole new and fun part of parenting — mealtime! You’ll definitely want to have your phone ready to snap those first photos as your little one begins to explore all kinds of new textures and tastes, because those facial expressions are priceless.

Plus, mealtimes are even more fun with characters like Winnie the Pooh. With a variety of characters and items to choose from, every meal can be different! And your little one grows, he or she can tell you whether it’s a Pooh day or a Tigger day.

Here are three other ways that Winnie the Pooh adds a dash of magic to mealtime.

Perfectly Sized Cups for Little Hands

Straw cups are a great way to teach Baby and toddler fine motor skills as they learn to hold handles and use straws. Winnie the Pooh straw cups are perfectly sized for tiny toddler hands, with handles that make it easy for toddlers to sip away with confidence. The covered top is an added bonus for parents, especially when your little one takes off running with their favorite straw cup in hand.

Easy-Peasy Cleanup


There’s no denying that mealtimes are messy — but adorably so, especially when your baby is first starting out with solids. As they mush bananas and nibble at crackers, you can at least count on one part of cleanup to be a cinch: Dishwasher- and microwave-safe Winnie the Pooh plates mean that at least cleaning the dishes after baby’s mealtime will be a breeze. As for baby, better start the bath!

All of Baby’s Favorite Friends!

From bouncy Tigger to cheerful Piglet and lovable Eeyore — and of course, Winnie the Pooh himself — your toddler will love having mealtime with all their favorite characters from the Hundred Acre Wood. Whether a Winnie the Pooh plate or cup comes out for special treats or at every meal, your toddler can look forward to seeing these delightful characters when it’s time to eat.

As your little one moves into the new and exciting world of solid foods, bring Winnie the Pooh along for mealtime to add just an extra special touch of fun.

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