How We Entertain Ourselves on Snow Days

With sub-zero temperatures here in the Midwest, Bee and I are in the midst of some serious cabin fever. The good news? The snow storm is giving us a chance to find new ways to entertain ourselves indoors and I’ve noticed an incline in Bee’s attention span (17 months is such a magical age!). Here are 10+ ways we’re staying happy, inspired and warm — all the live long day!

  • Happy Snow Day!

    Happy Snow Day!

    Snowed in this winter? Here are a few ideas to keep baby happy, healthy and entertained indoors!

  • Bundle Up

    Bundle Up

    If the weather is nice enough (we had a 34 degree afternoon this weekend!), bundle up your sweet babe and head outdoors to make snow angels, build snowballs or simply feast on nature’s homemade sno-cones!

  • Let Loose

    Let Loose

    My computer is generally off limits, but Bee has the loveliest time exploring the keyboard and typing away. We unplugged the keyboard and let her enjoy this “toy” for the afternoon and she had such a fun time trying something new. Snow days are for bending a few rules, after all!

  • Slow Down

    Slow Down

    Snow days are nature’s gift to the overworked: everything seems to slow for a bit. Take your time and cook a larger-than-normal breakfast, or spend time playing on the floor with your baby. Savor the slower moments, because once the snow melts, it’s back to afternoon play dates, morning appointments and evening commitments once again!

  • Get Stuck

    Get Stuck

    Stickers are the ultimate entertainment for babies – perfect for keeping themselves busy as they move them around from skin to shirt and back again. Don’t have any stickers? Use leftover mailing labels from holiday cards, or even pieces of masking tape. Babies aren’t picky!

  • Crafternoons


    Bee’s been much more artistic lately, showing interest in everything craft-based. We set up shop coloring cards for our neighbors this week and she had the best time choosing which colors to use for each person!

  • Longer Baths

    Longer Baths

    When you’re not sure what else to do and are itching for some quiet time, throw the little one in the bath with some suds and watch as he/she plays quietly. Bee loves bathtime, and on days when we’re stuck indoors, it’s an easy way to reset a bad mood.

  • Hide and Seek

    Hide and Seek

    Hide and Seek is perfect for snow day fun! Bee always hides in the same spot (our credenza), so it’s a no-brainer way to entertain baby while keeping her from getting into TOO much trouble. :)

  • Get Musical

    Get Musical

    Bee loves music, so when she’s feeling bored and restless, we break out all of the musical instruments we can find in the house (even nontraditional “instruments” like pots and pans) and throw an impromptu dance party to the radio. Instant joy!

  • Take Advantage

    Take Advantage

    Use this time stuck indoors to get something productive accomplished! When I noticed Bee’s shirt was a bit snug, we holed ourselves up in her room and tried on all of the clothes that seemed too tight. Now she has a streamlined, edited closet and I know exactly what can be donated and/or what still fits. I’ll be thanking myself for this task next time we’re late for an activity and I realize she has nothing to wear. :)

  • Get Gourmet

    Get Gourmet

    Why not spice things up in the kitchen and serve something your baby wouldn’t normally have? Bee loves apples, and I often cut them up so she can snack while I’m cooking dinner. This afternoon, I offered her the whole apple, teaching her how to bite small pieces and chew the skin. I had all the time in the world to supervise, so it was the perfect time to learn a new skill, and she had a blast!

  • Painting


    Another craft we’ve enjoyed is painting, whether with brushes or our fingers! I spread butcher block paper on our dining room table and let her get as messy as she likes. Bathtime usually follows close behind! :)

  • Get Old

    Get Old

    Break out a few of your child’s older toys to see how much they’ve grown. Bee didn’t used to enjoy blocks (after all, they were simply chew toys back then!), but now she likes to stack towers and knock them down with her wooden trains. They grow up fast, don’t they?

  • Get Out

    Get Out

    Once the temperatures rise and it’s safe to head outside again, it’s time for a sled ride! My husband built ours in just a few hours, and we’re getting loads of use out of it…

  • Family Time

    Family Time

    … yes, even Mama! Happy snow days, friends!

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