How to Survive at Home with a Sick Baby

Oh my goodness, this past week hasn’t exactly been what I expected for our first week of summer vacation. 

One minute, I was tucking my kids into bed and thinking excitedly of all the plans I had for the kids’ first week–the beach? Definitely the park, maybe a trip to the zoo. This is going to be fun! 

And then, in what felt like the next minute, I was waking up to the sound of children puking.

And puking.

And puking.

And through the week-long sickness that followed, all I could think was, how can I survive at home with a sick baby?

It seems like it’s a non-stop ride, doesn’t it? As soon as you hope to rest your eyes, the baby is up again, or if you have older kids, the next one is falling ill.


You want to cry because you’re just so exhausted, but you know you can’t. You wish for your partner to come home, but the hours stretch out ahead of you, a whole day to get through on your own.

And you wish you were stronger.

But sometimes, you’re not.

And that’s ok.

I wanted our first week of summer vacation to be fun and filled with happy memories for my kids, but instead, it was a week of struggles and tears and a mother who wondered if she could go on.

I set out wanting to write this article to share some tips and advice for surviving with a sick baby, but when I actually started typing the words, I realized that I had no words of wisdom.

Just gratitude.

Gratitude for Netflix and popsicles and knowing that when this is all over, I will sleep again. Gratitude in knowing that in the grand scheme of things, a stomach bug is nothing compared to what other parents have to face. Gratitude for babies that will get better and yes, I admit it, even a teensy bit of gratitude for the baby snuggles I don’t otherwise get.

Oh, and most of all?

Gratitude for the grandmothers and aunts that will take the kids for me when I inevitably will fall sick. 

Once the baby is all better, of course.

Because that’s how being a mother works. The kids always come first.

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