6 Unexpected Signs of Teething

Elvie has seemed a little out of sorts lately. She’s still been her happy self, but she’s just been a little bit off. I knew that she was working on cutting some teeth, but I didn’t realize how many things that were going on were related to teething.


Before, we had drool and a tiny bit of fussiness that was relieved by teething tablets or ibuprofen. Then up a tooth would pop, and she was done. This time, though, it turns out she is cutting a molar, and the symptoms are different. In addition to a quick check in with our pediatrician, I’ve been consulting with other moms, and it turns out that none of the symptoms she’s experiencing are unusual for toddlers cutting molar. Sure enough, a little corner of a molar popped up this afternoon.

Of course you should always consult your pediatrician if you are concerned about your own baby, but here are the six symptoms Elvie’s had that turned out to be tooth related. I can’t wait to have that tooth all the way in so she can start feeling better!

1. Being more restless at night. Elvie had been a bit restless before when she was teething, but it was always relieved by a bit of medication or a little sip of a bottle. This time, not much seems to help other than snuggling her and helping her get back to sleep.

2. Being more clingy during the day. My lap has been occupied by Elvie for most of the day, every day for a week.

3. Wanting the bottle more. Elvie was tapering off on her bottle usage and primarily using a sippy cup during the day, but then she suddenly started wanting the bottle during the day again, with greater frequency. Nothing else I offered would do.

4. Having more dirty diapers. The frequency of diaper changes has increased, and it is rare to change a diaper that is only wet. Many nights, she has a dirty diaper in the middle of the night as well, which had never happened before.

5. Taking longer naps that start earlier. Since we transitioned to one nap, I have been able to push her naptime back to after noon. This week, she hasn’t made it past 11:30 without needing a nap ASAP. She is also consistently sleeping longer than two hours, even when we’ve not had a busy morning.

6. Severe diaper rash. Moisture barriers, frequent diaper changes, and myriad medicated creams won’t touch this rash. I feel so bad for her every time I change her diaper. I can’t wait for this tooth to make its full appearance so she can be more comfortable.

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