How to Pack a Well-Stocked Toddler Bag for the Park

We go to a park literally every day that it doesn’t rain. Typically we head out in the afternoon, sometime after we’ve had our naps but before dinner. I’ve learned that instead of packing and repacking all the gear we need to have a blast at the park day in and day out, it’s easier to keep a dedicated “park fun bag” stocked and ready in the backseat of the car.

And once or twice a week I take the bag into the house for a bit of restocking and reorganization, ensuring we have all the things we need to have a really great time together.

  • Items to never leave for the park without!

    Click on through to see the items my boys and I never leave home without, when heading to have fun at the playground.

    Buy a reusable tote at Disney Store!

  • Lightweight blanket

    Lightweight blanket

    A lightweight blanket can be used in so many ways! A place to lunch, a place to nap, and a place to crawl and play! Our favorite is this vintage twin bed coverlet, found at a garage sale for only a dollar.

  • B is for ball.

    B is for ball.

    Not only are balls a blast to play with on our own, they’re also a perfect ice breaker for meeting new friends who also love to play catch.

  • Bubbles and sidewalk chalk.

    Bubbles and sidewalk chalk.

    When the swings and slides have been exhausted, you can’t go wrong with bubbles and colorful (washable) sidewalk chalk. I’m typically the bubble blower, and my boys are the bubble chasers!

  • Clean it up.

    Clean it up.

    A fresh pack of wipes, and a few boo-boo healing bandages make any unexpected spill not so bad.

  • Cover up!

    Nothing better than heading out to play on a perfectly sunny day. We always make sure to stay protected from the rays with a bottle of sunscreen and our favorite hat.

    Lightning McQueen Hat for Baby from: Disney Store

  • Cold water and snacks.

    Cold water and snacks.

    To keep our energy up and our hunger down, a cold bottle of water and a shareable snack is a must have. And while most items I keep stocked in the bag from day to day, the drink and snack are always a last minute add-in to assure freshness.

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