How to Go Running with a Toddler in the Stroller

So you had a baby, and wanted to keep (or start!) running.

You bought a jogging stroller and now you’re ready to hit the road.

Running with a Toddler

When my daughter was about 18 months, I started doing a run most mornings with a couple of other moms in my neighborhood. We’d all push our strollers, and we all got pretty good at keeping everyone happy during our four-mile loop.

Here are some tips that have helped me when my toddler wasn’t necessarily that thrilled:

  1. Pack some healthy snacks. I usually bring along a small bag of dried fruit, crackers, or muffins. If we go in the morning, I just pack her breakfast and she can eat it off the tray while I run.
  2. Bring a stash of books. I pile in a bunch of board books next to her so she can reach them herself.
  3. Point out things along the way. I show her dogs, cars, birds, rocks, and railroad tracks. Or, if I’m too out of breath to carry on a conversation, I have her point things out or count road signs.
  4. Don’t ever let your toddler out of the stroller. I knew that if I gave in even once to letting her walk or getting out, I’d have to fight that battle every day. I let her know that this was my exercise and her job was to be happy in the stroller. Later in the day, we’d go for a walk where she could walk or get out, but this run was not one of them.
How do you make exercise work with a toddler?
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