How to Entertain Babies on a Plane

Our tiny trio is headed to Singapore this week and we’ve got a full 28 hours of travel time ahead of us (22 of those hours on a plane!). The last time we flew, Bee was just over 1 years old, and now that she’s a few months shy of 2, the game has certainly changed! Today I thought it might be fun to share a smart packing tip we’ve learned to entertain babies on loooooooong flights!:

toys for a plane ride


Individually wrap a slew of novel toys, snacks, treats and crafts for your baby to unwrap every half hour. Not only will the wrapping paper add to the surprise treat, but you’ll kill some time waiting for those tiny hands to rip open the tape and tissue paper! (Hey, every second counts when entertaining a little one quietly, right?) Plus, your baby will be less overwhelmed with the variety of options and – instead, if wrapped and concealed – will focus on one toy at a time – a smart bonus when you need to squeeze as much fun out of one activity as possible! :)

We wrapped stickers, clay, small books, toy trucks, googly eyes, stamps, paper, crayons, coloring books, finger puppets and temporary tattoos in our goodie bag, along with some healthy snacks like granola, carrot sticks, pistachios, jerky, berries, bananas and apples. Coupled with a slew of her favorite iPad apps and a few (hopeful!) naps, we’re hoping the next 28 hours will fly right on by… pun intended. :)

Tell me, what travel secrets and tips do you rely on to entertain your baby? I’d love to hear!

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