How to Entertain an 11-Month Old Baby

With Bee ever-so-close to walking, we’ve been on the prowl for fun ideas to keep her occupied despite her growing urge to go, go, go! Here’s a handful of standby activities we rely on daily to keep our own 11-month-old happy, active and highly entertained!:

  • Practice walking.

    Practice walking.

    Take a stroll around the neighborhood and leave the stroller at home! Bee loves to practice walking up and down our block to wave hello at neighbors.

  • Do the dishes.

    Do the dishes.

    Or rather, undo the dishes! Keep your tupperware, measuring bowls and other non-breakable dishes low enough for your little one to open the cabinet and play. This keeps Bee busy for a good ten minutes, and we practice “cleaning up” afterwards!

  • Get involved.

    Get involved.

    Look up a few fun activities happening in your town – you might stumble on some baby-friendly events, like the art fair pictured where Bee and I ate bananas and listened to a jazz band while people-watching. Perfection!

  • Explore.


    Bee (and our dog, Bernie!) love to explore the inside of our kitchen cabinets and other nooks and crannies around the house. Instant, built-in (no pun-intended!) entertainment!

  • Park it.

    Park it.

    11 months is such a great age for the park, full of swinging and bouncing and watching the big kids play.

  • Run errands.

    Run errands.

    The older Bee gets, the more she loves to run errands with us, spotting new and exciting things in the most seemingly-mundane places.

  • Tea party!

    Tea party!

    Bee loves to sit at her “big kid” table, and we like to joke she’s hosting her own personal tea party. We give her a few small toys and watch her as she enjoys discovering how they interact with the table’s surface.

  • Have a picnic!

    Have a picnic!

    Bee tires of her high chair quickly, so sometimes we like to mix it up and serve snacks straight from the floor! (Our aforementioned dog Bernie loves these occasions!)

  • Read it.

    Read it.

    Bee is starting to realize that books are more than chew toys, so this has been a great age for discovering new and exciting words and pictures on each page!

  • Box it.

    Box it.

    It’s true what they say – the best things in life are free! Bee could play with cardboard boxes for ages. We often save a few for building impromptu forts and peek-a-boo stations.

  • Working girl.

    Working girl.

    11-month olds love to mimic their parents, so sometimes I’ll turn off the computer and let Bee play with Mama’s keyboard for a bit. She loves pressing each key (and yes, smashing them all at once, too!).

  • Experiment.


    We’ve been experimenting with new textures and tastes this month, and Bee’s having a ball. What a perfect age to introduce new foods and flavors!

  • Hide and seek!

    Hide and seek!

    Bee loves small, tight spots, so we often find her crawling to hide under the couch until we come find her with a “Boo!”

  • Swing it.

    Swing it.

    Hands down, Bee’s favorite activity this month is to swing (she’s even fallen asleep in one at Grandma’s house!). But her favorite swing partner? Dad, of course.

p.s. See how we entertained Bee as a 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10-month old. Gracious, time is flying, yes?

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