How to Entertain a 7-Month Old Baby

I had such a great time compiling a list of activities that Bee loved as a 6-month-old that now, one month later, it’s time to update our favorites! Time certainly flies, doesn’t it? We’re still loving our old activities, but Bee has certainly picked up a few new tricks that keep us very busy throughout the day. Enjoy today’s list for entertaining the sweet 7-month-old in your life, and do tell me – what activities would you add? Anything in particular your baby is mesmerized by at this age? I’d love to hear!:

  • Animals


    If you have pets, you’ve probably noticed how aware your baby is becoming of them. Now is the perfect time to teach your baby how to interact gently with animals and pets.

  • Baby Gym

    Baby Gym

    Bet you’d thought you would retire the baby gym forever, right? Sure, your baby might have outgrown the “lie-on-his-back-and-stare” stage, but the baby gym now provides a nice support for standing practice (with your help!). Or…

  • Chewing


    … your baby might prefer to use it as a giant teether, like Bee!

  • Outings


    Babies are fascinated with new sights and smells at this stage – why not break routine and take an outing to your local pet store? It’s like an indoor zoo, but free!

  • Books


    Sure, there’s not a lot of reading happening yet, but bright board books are a feast for a 7-month-old’s eyes. (I hear they taste great, too!)

  • Climbing


    If your baby has already mastered crawling, it might be time to step it up – literally! Set up a safe place for your little one to test their strength and learn the new skill of climbing.

  • Vents


    Floor vents, wall vents, ceiling vents – you name it, babies love ‘em. Let your baby explore the texture and contrast (supervised, of course!) and watch as they become captivated!

  • Clothing


    7-month-olds are mesmerized by details, including clothing and jewelry. Bee’s particular passion is exploring drawstrings on hooded sweatshirts and pajama pants (under supervision, always).

  • Food


    Whether you have a picky eater or not, feeding is an exciting new activity during this phase – full of new textures, colors and smells! (Doesn’t Bee look impressed with her avocados?)

  • Errands


    Grocery-shopping and errands are perfect activities for 7-month-olds as they soak in the excitement of their new surroundings. Bonus: You can finally sneak in some productivity and play all in one!

  • Mirrors


    Mirrors, whether handheld, or wall-hanging are especially exciting during this stage as babies start to recognize their reflection and learn new facial expressions.

  • Window-Gazing


    Rain or shine, 7-month-olds are taking much more notice of their surroundings – beyond the four walls of your home. Window-gazing (and pounding!) has become a favorite activity of late.

  • Teether


    If your baby’s pearly whites are starting to arrive, a teether (or three!) has likely become a new staple in your household.

  • Blocks


    Learning how objects relate to one another is a big step for 7-month-olds; banging blocks together is a delight for their eyes and ears!

  • Stuffed Animals

    Stuffed Animals

    Now is the perfect time to introduce a “lovey”, blanket or stuffed animal that just might become your baby’s new playmate for the next few years.

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