How to Entertain a 10-Month Old Baby

It’s official — Bee is moving faster than ever, exploring and seeing and doing all day long! Luckily, the summer sun is out and we’ve had plenty of outdoor entertaining moments this month. If you’re looking for tips and tricks to entertain your baby, look no further — here are a slew of ways we’re keeping this little one happy and content as a ripe and active 10-month-old!

  • Airplane


    Bee loves playing airplane, swooping and giggling throughout the air. It’s one of our favorite go-to moves when she’s feeling blue.

  • Bowls


    Is your baby as obsessed with kitchenware as mine? I scatter a stack of mixing bowls and melamine dinnerware throughout the house and let Bee enjoy crawling around to find them, ultimately using them as instruments and teething toys in no time flat!

  • Stools


    Our kitchen stools are a regular jungle gym for Bee, primed for climbing to, through and over!

  • Diaper Bags

    Diaper Bags

    It doesn’t get more baby-friendly than the contents of a diaper bag, does it? Bee loves to “unpack” her own diaper bag and explore everything inside. (Now if only she loved to pack it, too – ha!)

  • Neighbors


    Now that it’s summer, we’ve had friends and family over for outdoor evenings and dinner on the grill. Bee loves playing with the kids in our neighborhood – and they love having a new baby to entertain!

  • Pool Days

    Pool Days

    If your baby is anything like mine, he/she could splash in the pool for hours. It’s like a mega bathtub of fun!

  • Wrapping Paper

    Wrapping Paper

    Babies love exploring the textures and sounds (and yes, sometimes taste!) of crinkled paper. I sometimes let Bee play with a sheet of wrapping paper for instant entertainment!

  • Dolls


    Bee’s entering the stage where dolls and stuffed animals are finally fun to be around! I can’t wait to see the magical tea parties she’ll be hosting in a few years…

  • Sunglasses


    Bee loves sunglasses and glasses of all shapes and sizes. (Unless they’re on her own face, of course!)

  • Stroller Rides

    Stroller Rides

    Stroller rides are great for getting from A to B, but are also a nice way to keep the little ones contained AND entertained. It’s a win/win when Mama needs a break from chasing her sweet baby around the house!

  • Shoe Storage

    Shoe Storage

    Bee loves to play in my closet, pulling out various fabrics and textures. But by far, her very favorite place to spend time is in front of my shoe cabinet. I fear we have a future style maven on our hands!

  • Fresh Surroundings

    Fresh Surroundings

    Hands down, the easiest way to entertain our 10-month old is a trip to somewhere she’s never been. New surroundings and fresh views keep her mind busier than ever! (The above photo was taken at a fun train station diner nearby!)

  • The Sunscreen Game

    The Sunscreen Game

    Bee used to hate when we put sunscreen on her face, so now it’s a game of “Dot! Dot! Smear!” She loves waiting for the “Smear!” part, where we sneak in a few smooches to distract her in the process.

  • Music


    Bee’s showing a huge interest in music, so having the radio on in the house makes for a fun, upbeat afternoon! And of course, if a piano is in sight, it simply MUST be played, right?

p.s. Here’s how we entertained Bee as a 6-month old, 7-month old, 8-month old and 9-month old! Time is flying indeed!

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