How to Entertain a 1-Year-Old

It’s official – Bee has hit the one-year mark (in fact, today is her birthday!!!). Needless to say, we’ve had a busy year chasing this little one around and an even busier month finding new ways to keep her active and happy! Here are a few tips, tricks, and activities that work for our family, from blocks to food trucks and everything between!

  • Here we go!

    Here we go!

    Click through for over 15 fun ways to entertain your little!

  • Try an outdoor concert.

    Try an outdoor concert.

    Concerts can be loud for babies, but a low-key local show at a nearby field is the perfect weekly event for us. There’s plenty of space for running around when Bee gets bored, but she’s also happy being held and swaying to the music.

  • Visit the zoo.

    Visit the zoo.

    The zoo is full of fun sights and sounds for baby. Bonus? Try a petting zoo for even more excitement!

  • Learn to smooch.

    Learn to smooch.

    Bee’s favorite trick is smooching everything and everyone, but her favorite subject? Dad.

  • Practice vocabulary.

    Practice vocabulary.

    Babies are naturally curious, so watch your baby point to different objects and sights in your environment, and fill in the blanks for him/her. Bee can now identify dogs, doors and trees!

  • Visit the farmer's market.

    Visit the farmer's market.

    Our favorite tradition is a trip to the local farmer’s market each weekend, tasting new fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoying live music in the background. It’s a highlight of Bee’s week – and ours!

  • Play in a splash pad.

    Play in a splash pad.

    Splash pads are perfect for babies, and as a parent, I love not experiencing the same level of anxiety I feel when swimming in a busy pool with Bee. Her favorite area to play is directly on top of the drains, watching the water rush down underneath her as she’s splashed and sprayed from above!

  • See a parade.

    See a parade.

    If your baby doesn’t mind sitting still and observing new things around her, a parade is a perfect adventure! Bee loved it so much and was ready to join her own parade after a few minutes. (Tip: Beware of loud drums or fireworks – your baby might not love these as much as some!)

  • Enjoy grandparents.

    Enjoy grandparents.

    Bee was in heaven as she enjoyed a special visit from her grandparents for her birthday weekend. There’s something so beautiful about that bond, isn’t there?

  • Hit the town.

    Hit the town.

    Consider mixing up your daily routine by doing something out of the ordinary, like going out for breakfast instead of eating in, or dressing up for a baby/parent date. Here, Bee’s stolen my wallet and is ready for a trip to the mall!

  • Play with blocks.

    Play with blocks.

    Blocks are the perfect toy for Bee – she still loves chewing and biting them, but also likes stacking them and making (loud!) music for dancing. Instant entertainment!

  • Stop by the food trucks.

    Stop by the food trucks.

    If your town has a few food trucks, consider taking your baby to visit your favorite. Many food trucks use fresh ingredients – some even organic – so there’s always something tasty and delicious to try!

  • Try a festival.

    Try a festival.

    Summer is perfect for frequenting festivals – here, Bee and I are visiting the chalk walk, an annual tradition for local artists and crafters. She loved watching them work their magic!

  • Open the mail.

    Open the mail.

    Bee loves when packages come to the door, especially on dog food delivery day! She and our dog Bernie play with the box for a good half hour straight.

  • Nap-and-stroll.


    We’ve learned to love the stroller nap this month, perfect for sleeping on-the-go during busy days and longer adventures.

  • Go shopping!

    Go shopping!

    Souvenir shops are worlds of fun for babies, especially the glasses section!

  • Have a picnic.

    Have a picnic.

    Sometimes Bee and I will lunch by the park’s fountains – it’s a perfect treat, and for dessert, we get to splash around!

  • Be a tourist.

    Be a tourist.

    Some mornings, Bee is restless and fussy, so I take her on an adventure, exploring something new in our town. We’ve stumbled upon some beautiful buildings and museums I never would have noticed before!

  • Throw a party!

    Throw a party!

    Congratulations – your baby is one! Entertain your baby with a family celebration, and pat yourself on the back – everyone survived (and thrived, I’m sure!).

p.s. Check out how we entertained Bee as a 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11-month old. Happy first year, Bee!

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