How to Make Maracas Out of Plastic Easter Eggs

Recently, Lacy came up with some awesome ways to reuse your plastic Easter eggs in playtime.

And I have one more to add to the list:

DIY maracas!

Here’s an easy craft idea for the leftover plastic eggs scattered around your house right now…


One plastic Easter egg

Two plastic spoons

Dry rice, beans, couscous, quinoa — anything that’ll make noise

Tape or hot glue gun

Crepe paper, ribbon, yarn, or anything else you can find to cover the egg


1. Fill your egg with whatever dry grain/legume you can find — just enough to make a nice-sounding rattle.

2. Tape or glue the two plastic spoons to either side of the plastic egg.

3. Cover the entire egg with crepe paper, craft tape, yarn, ribbon, etc. Use your imagination.

4. Let them decorate!

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