10 Super-Cute Ways to Add Some Disney Magic to Your Summer

There’s just something about summertime, when the days are a little longer and the sun it shining, that just makes you want to soak up every last bit of magic with your little ones. It seems like once the temperatures heat up, I am suddenly reinvigorated in my parenting and inspired to make everything fun and magical once again. I’m blaming all that glorious Vitamin D and fresh greenery — but whatever the case, it’s the perfect time to create a fun bucket list filled with items for you and your little ones to check off together.

And for those of you who have a family of Disney lovers, why not give your summer bucket list a fun Disney spin? Here are a few fun ways to add a bit of Disney magic into your summer!

1. Mickey Pancake Picnic

Whip up a few Mickey-shaped pancakes and then head outside with a picnic blanket so you can dine al fresco. Lunch and dinner picnics are usually a summer staple for families, so changing it up with a morning picnic will be a fun and unexpected way for everyone to start the day!

2. Pool Party

If you’ve got a plastic kiddie pool (a quintessential summer staple), then head out to the backyard for your own little pool party — complete with all your Disney tub toys! If for some reason the weather isn’t cooperating (or you don’t happen to have a backyard), bring the pool party indoors. Don your swimsuits and enjoy those water toys in your tub!

3. DIY Jungle Cruise

When my husband was a kid, his parents would play “Going on Safari,” where they would hide stuffed animals around the house for him and his brother to find. You can do the same with a Jungle Cruise theme. Hide your little one’s stuffed elephants, monkeys and tigers (indoors or out) and then pretend you’re on your very own Jungle Cruise as you play a safari version of “I Spy,” finding all the wildlife.

4. Make Your Own Dole Whip


What could be more perfect for summer than Dole Whip? Try your hand at making your own version at home. While you may not have your own soft serve machine, you could always make your own variation with yogurt or ice cream. The sky’s the limit!

5. Have a Disney Dance Party

Just search “Disney music” or “Disney Parks music” on your preferred music-listening platform (i.e. Pandora, Spotify, etc.) and bust out your best dance moves in your kitchen, bedroom, backyard…wherever feels most magical!

6. Outdoor Movie Night

Get out your coziest blankets and head outside to cozy up with your little one while watching a favorite Disney movie on your laptop. They may not sit through the whole thing, but you’ll still have a blast!

7. DisneyBound Around Town

If you haven’t heard about DisneyBounding yet, now if the perfect to try it out. You just channel your favorite Disney character and dress in regular clothing inspired by that character (think utilizing the color schemes and specific design elements of the characters). Head out to a nearby park or the zoo and see if anyone can guess which character you and your little(s) are!

8. Host a Disney-Themed Play Date

Invite over your other mama friends and their littles for a Disney-inspired playdate. Make snowmen in summer a la Olaf out of play dough, have churros for snack, or really whatever you can dream up to pay homage to all your Disney faves!

9. Make Like Mary Poppins

girl with daisy duckChannel your inner Mary Poppins and get inspired by the song,”Let’s Go Fly a Kite!” Bonus points if you head to a beach to fly it, because what could possibly be more summer than that?

10. Go Where the Magic Is

The holy grail of your summer Disney bucket list would be to actually head to one of the Disney Parks in person — where the ultimate magic is  — if you can swing it. And as someone who has been to Disney numerous times with my kids at various ages over the years, let me say that kids in the 1- to 2-year-old age range are the most precious to experience the park with. The absolute sweetest!

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