How the Kids Playroom Brought Our Family Closer Together

Crazy, right?

Most families have a play area or room, but until recently our basement was unfinished and basically a wasted space. Once it was carpeted, I tried to get the kids to play down there, but my older son wouldn’t have it. Said it was boring and wanted to be near me. With no TV or any motivation my efforts to get them out of our small front room failed. We live in a row house so space is a bit narrow.


For Christmas my husband and I decided to forgo the smaller toys and things that will just get lost and we focused on getting our play/family room up and running. We wanted a room that would be comfortable for both of us to lounge in, watch TV or even work, safe for Little L (almost 1 now!) and have enough entertainment to keep M, nearly 5 years old busy and happy to be down there.

One train table, one play kitchen, lots of blocks, a tent, a bunch of baby friendly toys and a big ‘ole comfy sofa for mami and papi later and the room was set!

For the first time EVER we were all in one room without having to keep Little L in her play yard or telling M to stop jumping around the living room. I couldn’t believe it! The kids played, papi read his new book and I was on the computer — it was magical. Next step is to get a TV stand and be able to enjoy movie nights. It’s the simple things that make us happy — and being all together in one room did just that.

We look forward to many happy family memories!

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