How One Mom Avoided Maternity Clothes Throughout Her Pregnancy!

What if I told you that I know someone who went her ENTIRE PREGNANCY without wearing maternity clothes?! Crazy, right?! But true. A good friend of mine, Melissa of Love Like Johnny and June, went all 40+ weeks without ever wearing a piece of maternity clothing. She’s one of the most stylish gals I know and she kept her fabulous style the entire way through! (Because I know you were thinking at first that she must have just worn sweatpants and hoodies! Ha!) Here is how she managed to stay comfy and look stylish without spending a dime on maternity clothes…

  • First Baby

    First Baby

    Because this was Melissa’s first baby, she didn’t get a “bump” for quite some time. This helped her a ton in the maternity department!

  • Dresses Galore

    Dresses Galore

    Melissa didn’t wear a lot of pants or jeans to begin with, so wearing dresses was no big deal!

  • The Elastic Waistband is Your Friend

    The Elastic Waistband is Your Friend

    Almost every “bottom” piece Melissa wore had an elastic waistband. This stretchy chevron skirt was perfect for her growing belly!

  • Dresses with Some Give

    Dresses with Some Give

    So many dresses made nowadays are made out of super-stretchy fabric. With a longer dress, these kinds of outfits can last all the way until your due date!

  • Flowy Shirts

    Flowy Shirts

    Flowy shirts were one of Melissa’s go-to wardrobe pieces throughout her pregnancy!

  • Cute Accessories

    Cute Accessories

    Instead of giving up her style, Melissa embraced it! She continued to do her hair and wear her favorite accessories!

  • Leggings to the Rescue

    Leggings to the Rescue

    Leggings are a pregnant woman’s best friend. With a lot of give and the ability to wear them over or under your belly, leggings lasted Melissa throughout her pregnancy!

  • Oversized Tops

    Oversized Tops

    Oversized tops, sweaters, and jackets are so trendy right now! It’s not hard to make these one-size-fits-all items work for your pregnancy!

All photos via Melissa of Love Like Johnny and June

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