How My Little Girl Is Helping Me Train for a Half Marathon

A few months ago, I signed up to run in a half marathon in New York City (my hometown). Now the race is just four weeks away, and I am stunned by how far I have come (I was still holing on to “baby weight” and by no means race ready). Training hasn’t been easy, and I have certainly come up short at times, but I suppose there are only so many hours in the day to train for a race when you have two little ones.


Believe it or not, though, my little girl, Jada, has been one of the people to help me train for this race. Her smiles give me a boost of energy. Her playfulness makes me see the fun in this training process. Her determination makes me feel like giving up is not an option. She has no clue, but she is one of my biggest cheerleaders.

Aside from the moral support Jada provides, she is actually helping me prepare for the race physically. At 23 pounds, holding Jada makes for some great resistance training.  I do squats with her in my arms while I brush my teeth (and she chews on her toothbrush).  I stretch while she splashes in the bathtub. While on my back, I place her on my legs and help her fly through the air (great for strengthening my legs). My little moments with her give me mental and physical strength. Who knew a 16-month-old could be such an awesome trainer.

And not only is Jada helping me train, but so is her older brother. Together, these kids are really supporting my efforts in a way that no one else can. As moms, we spend so much time trying to support, uplift and encourage our kids. We want them to reach for the stars and live magical lives. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it feels to have the people I cheer for the most, inspire me in ways they don’t even realize. It’s absolutely incredible. Nothing will beat the moment I cross the finish line and see their smiling faces.

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