How My Toddler is Just Like Each of the Disney Princesses

Before I know it, my littlest will have ventured into the realm of make believe. A land where anything can happen, including a transformation into a princess. And if she’s anything like her mother, it’s only a matter of time before she’s pretending to be a member of the Disney Dynasty (whilst belting out those catchy tunes, of course).

She’s already got the music part down, singing her favorite Disney songs alongside her big sister. What she doesn’t know just yet is the fact that she possesses many of the qualities found in Disney Princesses. And, if you look carefully, you might find this to be true when it comes to your own toddler. I thought it would be fun to look at each of the princesses and see what they have in common with my toddler.


Ariel – Like Ariel, toddlers love to collect things. Cheerios, crayons, books, and binkies. One is fine, but two or more seem to be even better in their eyes. Of course, we parents also play a role in their acquisition of “gadgets and gizmos of plenty.” If we know our toddler loves something, it’s not unlikely for us to buy several (for example, our little Lola loves Minnie Mouse, which means there are several versions of Miss Minnie scattered throughout our house, and board books too). And let’s not forget their love of water, especially when in the bathtub, which means that they can hold their own in a sea of mermaids. My little one has moments where she wants to be independent just like Ariel, and she’s rather curious as well.

Cinderella – Toddlers love shoes, especially shoes that aren’t theirs. Grownup shoes equal fun — their own version of glass slippers. An empty shoe beckons for chubby toddler feet. They are great dancers. Just as Cinderella glided around the dance floor in the ballroom, so do our toddlers. Perhaps a little less gracefully, but still quite cute. They are also excellent wish makers — or more precisely, want declarers (as in “I want it,” “I want some”). They can easily let us, their version of a fairy godmother, know exactly what they want. Some of them even stay up playing and dancing until midnight (or later)!

Mulan – Toddlers tend to embody some warrior-like characteristics. At least mine does from time to time. She guards her toys with fervor, boldly declaring, “Mine!” And she’s not afraid to fight (ever try to pry something out of a toddler’s hands?) in the name of the things she loves — Cheerios and her baby doll included. However, despite her warrior-like characteristics, she still has a softer side. And just like Mulan, she’s a daddy’s girl.

Tiana – Tiana was a hard worker who was determined to make her dreams come true. Our little ones are quite driven when it comes to getting what they want. Like Tiana, they are no strangers to culinary creations. Give them a plate of food, and it’s likely they’ll whip it all together to make their own concoction which they are happy to share! With my own toddler, the challenge perhaps lies in getting her to keep it off of the floor and out of her hair.

Belle – Belle was more than just book smart; she was kind and caring. One of the things I love most about toddlers is their ability to see people for who they are. They aren’t concerned with what you look like; they possess a beautiful ability to look past appearances and see one’s heart. Like Belle, my little one loves books and is always asking us to read them. And, she’s so loving.

Merida – Like Merida, toddlers aren’t afraid to say what they want. Whether it’s shouting the word “no” or crying in objection, our little ones will tell us how they feel. Since they are still building their vocabulary, they sometimes show their disdain more than they voice it. Brave wasn’t ready to get married, so she stood her ground and let her parents know how she felt. If my little one isn’t ready for a nap, she seems to have no trouble standing her ground and making it known. Like Brave, she’s bold.

Aurora – There is something undeniably beautiful about a slumbering toddler. They are so peaceful in their sleep state. And their voices — princess Aurora had a beautiful (singing) voice and so does my toddler. Hearing her talk and sing is music to my ears. Don’t you just love your little one’s cute voice?

Image via Disney

Rapunzel – Adventurous, spirited and resourceful (that frying pan!) are three words that describe toddlers and Rapunzel. They are also budding artists — give them a paper and crayons, and they will create a masterpiece (although not necessarily on that paper). Finally, it’s not uncommon for our little escape artists to see what they can get away with. Rapunzel attempted to climb out of the tower and was successful. The other day, I caught my little one attempting to climb out of her crib.

Snow White – Snow White was caring, helpful, and a nurturer and so are our little ones. They love to give hugs and kisses and aren’t afraid to help around the house. Give them a chance to contribute to the family unit and they will do so happily as best they can.

Pocahontas – Pocahontas loved nature and was adventurous. Toddlers tend to love nature too. Parts of it anyway. While bugs make my little one squirm, she likes sand and picking up leaves and stones. She loves the feeling of the ocean and grass on her toes and will sit and marvel at wild animals (squirrels, birds, puppies and kittens).

Jasmine – Princess Jasmine was a free spirit who wanted to make her own choices. Like her peers, my toddler also wants to make her own choices and will become very upset when I tell her she can or can’t do something. Jasmine is caring and kind, but also able to assert herself.

Anna – Anna is a bit daring, persistent, and impulsive. I also find her to be somewhat humorous in a sweet way. She’s also not necessarily the most graceful princess, but that heart of hers is big! She values family, especially her big sister. If your toddler has an older sibling, chances are they are crazy about them. My little one adores her big sister. Like most toddlers, she doesn’t give up easily, and she always makes me laugh.

Elsa – Elsa struggled with controlling her powers (emotions) and was always fearful she would hurt someone. Toddlers also tend to struggle with their emotions, either unable to control them or feeling frustrated as they attempt to express them. Despite appearing rather reserved, Elsa was a “feeler.” Our toddlers are feelers. One look at my littlest and it is obvious how she is feeling.

Does your toddler embody any characteristics that remind you of a Disney princess?

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