How Motherhood Made Me Bloom

“Bloom Where You’re Planted”  ~ Mary Engelbreit

Right now I find myself planted in the midst of a challenging time in life determined not to become stagnant, to wither in the midst of adversity. My babies — they are the rays of sunshine that replenish me when I feel weary. They remind me of how quickly the seasons change and to find the joy in each one.

My love for them and desire to teach and guide them helps me to stand tall reaching upward toward my dreams — toward my tomorrows — the way a flower seems to chase the sunshine.

Their hugs, kisses and smiles nourish my soul the way the raindrops feed the flowers. In the process of helping these two precious humans grow I’ve done an awfully lot of growing myself. I’m still growing.

As a mother I’ve dreamed dreams I once never dared to dream. I’ve taken leaps and fought my way out of difficult situations. I’ve walked away from countless opportunities and walked directly into others (opportunities) thanks to faith coupled with the courage cultivated within all thanks to motherhood.


At 30 years old I would love to be able to say that I’ve figured it all out — that I’ve unlocked the secret to all of life’s greatest questions. That I’ve figured out a way to prepare for life’s seasons so that I might withstand whatever comes my way. But I haven’t.

What I have figured out is that this season – the season in which I was bestowed the honor of being a mother has been the most glorious season of all. There are times when moments have gently washed over me like morning dew and then there are times when a storm brews (or rages) leaving me to wonder if my roots are strong enough to withstand what has come.

My love for my family has helped me to withstand. To dig deep and hold on. To realize that despite not being entirely prepared I could still persevere.

Motherhood has tilled at my heart making it possible for love to permeate every crevice. It has humbled me, changing the way I see the world. The way I see myself. I see them — my babies — in me and strive to have a beauty that radiates from the inside out.

My hope is that I can give my babies a mixture of love and lessons that will help them continue to grow into all they are meant to be. That my heart will give forth an aroma so sweet that they will be drawn to me like little honeybees so that I might continue to nourish them, give back to them and prepare them. Because they’ve given me so much.

Motherhood made me bloom. My love for my babies made me bloom. Motherhood showed me that I have the ability to bloom wherever I’m planted.

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