How I’m Preparing for My First Induction

After three very different pregnancies and even three different births, I am facing my first-ever induction. 

Due to some various complications from a condition called polyhydramnios, my doctor is recommending an induction at only 38 weeks.

And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t more than a little nervous.

To combat my anxiety and get ready for the induction, here are a few ways I’m preparing.


1. Getting a second opinion. I’m fortunate enough to have married a man who has the word’s most amazing midwife as a cousin, so I definitely sought her advice on the induction. I trust her 100% and I know that as a midwife, she wouldn’t recommend anything unnecessary. With her backing of the induction, I feel a million times better going in knowing that it’s best for my baby.

2. Ignoring all the information. That being said, knowing what I know about inductions as a former labor and delivery nurse, I’m trying to unlearn all the negative information I’ve learned about inductions. There are risks, of course, as with any medical intervention, but in this case, the risks won’t help me to get through.

3. Focusing on the positives. There are some major benefits to scheduling a baby. For the first time ever, I can line up babysitters, knock off some last-minute fun with my kids, and even get ahead on some of my work projects. It’s definitely nice to know that I can expect a baby in about a week, so we are all ready to go!

4. Still aiming for natural labor. Sure, it may be hard to think that I’ll go into labor naturally on my own before 38 weeks, but I’m not giving up hope for a natural labor.

5. Seeing a chiropractor. It’s extra important to me to make sure my body is ready for labor, as it’s going to have to work harder to jump-start what will basically be artificial labor at first. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor twice a week to make sure everything is aligned.

Were you induced? How did you get ready?

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