How a Video Monitor Can Change Everything

I tend to be something of a minimalist parent.

One thing I didn’t think we needed was a baby monitor. For almost four years, we went without one.

Baby Monitor


And then we recently got a video monitor, and now I keep thinking, “WHY didn’t I have one of these all this time?”

Who knew you didn’t have to always be guessing “Are they being super quiet or are they actually asleep?”

And for older toddlers, that talk button where you can say “go back to bed” without dashing up and down the stairs? Well, that pretty much blew my mind.

And when I have a newborn again, I’m giddy about the idea that I’ll be able to tell if the baby is actually waking up or just stirring in their sleep (how many times have I woken up my girls because I went in, only to realize they had been asleep until the door came swinging open?).

What items did you go without and then realize made your life a lot easier down the road?

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