How Early Should Your Baby Start Activities?

Is there such a thing as getting too involved too early for your little one?

From mommy and me to baby swim classes, how early should you get your little one involved? (Would love your input if you have any thoughts!)

When my first daughter was only 6 months old, I enrolled her in a “Mommy `n Me” swim class.

It was kind of a big deal.

Not only did I drag my husband along to the class once a week after he got home from work, but the class was a good hour round-trip, and generally ended up in us eating dinner out as well, because heaven knows it would take me all day just to get us ready and out the door on time.

I loved that time with my daughter, and although I fully recognize how ridiculously young she was, I still maintain that it helped her to be the little water bug that she is now, at over 6 years old.

But in today’s world of overscheduling and play dates that are more elaborate than most of the real dates I’ve ever had, is there ever a thing as too much too soon?


I think it’s all about balance—and deciding what is important for both your baby and you. Because let’s face it, those swim lessons were just as much fun for me as they were with for her. Some parents love starting their babies in activities as a way to get them both involved and out of the house, and that’s definitely a good thing.

“We started early, because living in Florida we are surrounded by water (oceans, pools, canals),” says fellow Disney Baby mom Kristel Acevedo. “We also lived in a house with a pool, so it was important that our kids understand water safety. As a result of going to swim classes, both my kids absolutely love the water. They have no problems jumping in and putting their faces in the water (obviously we always supervise and someone is always in the water with them). They are confident in the water and have fun in pools. My son is especially skilled at swimming and I’m hoping he makes it to the Olympics some day!”

Moral of the story?

Starting activities early for your little one can be a rewarding and enriching experience for both of you—as long it stays fun for both of you. No stressing over baby’s schedule allowed!

How early did you start your baby in activities?

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