How Becoming a Mother Changed Me

There is something miraculous about motherhood. The thing so amazing about being a mother is that the manner in which you become one pales in comparison to the manner in which your life is changed. Whether it be through pregnancy, surrogacy, adoption, foster care or simply out of a love for a child, motherhood will change the very essence of who you are. And in so many ways, it will make you better.

In celebration of Mother’s Day I asked several mothers to share how motherhood has changed them. While Mother’s Day is a day in which we pay tribute to the mother’s in our lives, it is also a chance to celebrate the person or persons who bestowed upon us the honor of becoming one.

As you read these beautiful odes to motherhood and how life changing it can be I encourage you to share with us how motherhood changed you too. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • How Becoming a Mother Changed Me

    How Becoming a Mother Changed Me

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  • An Ability to Trust Myself

    “I now question everything. I take opinions and advice with a grain of salt and do what feels best for my little family. My daughter has taught me to trust myself – and my instincts – wholeheartedly because love overrides any sense of knowledge. With each day my little sunshine grows brighter and my motherly instinct grows stronger. We’re evolving together and this book that I’m writing – my favorite book of all time – will be my claim to fame.” ~ Priscilla Vega

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  • Less Judgmental

    “I am a lot less judgmental of others. Knowing my daughters’ stories, I realize that there is so much that you cannot know about someone even if you feel you know them fairly well. When I think about how I want others to approach my daughters as they grow and become young women, it challenges me to regard others in the same way, with grace and understanding. “ ~ Mary McBride

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  • Purpose

    “Motherhood gave me a love and purpose that I never knew existed. It changed me forever. The overwhelming feeling of loving another so fiercely is the most beautiful thing that I have ever been a part of. It made me better. My heart is forever changed.” ~ Casey Wiegand

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  • An Appreciation for the Journey

    “Being a mother has made me stop to appreciate the journey and the chaos a little more. I have definite Type A personality leanings and am definitely a “planner”, but being a mother has made me realize that some of the most beautiful moments with my daughter are the ones I haven’t planned for.” ~ Lauren Hartmann

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  • An Ability to Let Go

    “I’d always assumed motherhood would lend itself to a more controlling version of myself – someone who was more organized and more prepared and more… “more.” But the opposite is true – I’m learning to let go in a transformative way. To let go of the day’s events, the month’s plans and the year’s goals – embracing, instead, the beauty of the moment and the magic of the unexpected. ~ Erin Loechner (Photo Credit: Woodnote Photography)

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  • More Driven

    “Motherhood has made me more driven in my aspirations in life. Before having children I wasted time and had that “I’ll do it mañana” attitude. Now, I am busier than ever, get little to no sleep, but am constantly aspiring for something bigger and better and working everyday to make my children and my husband proud. Motherhood instilled in me an entrepreneurial spirit that I didn’t know existed!” ~ María José Ovalle

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  • More Patience

    “Motherhood has changed my control-freak nature. Atlas comes first now, so I find myself acting a lot more patient with whatever he needs and throwing the to-do list to the side to make sure he’s happy and taken care of.” ~ Lana Katsaros

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  • It Transformed Me

    “Motherhood has changed all that I am. Aside from the obvious ones like my ability to go “out” on a moment’s notice, it has transformed me. Food I make, projects I create, how I decorate my home, how I vote, books I read (I could go on and on…) Years ago, I would not have imagined myself to be a breastfeeding, stay-at-home mom who blogs and dreams about owning chickens and goats and making her own soap. I’m one step away from an “EAT MORE KALE” bumper sticker and I have motherhood to thank for it all.” ~ Lacy Stroessner

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  • Patience, Creativity and Love

    “How has motherhood changed me? You mean besides the ability to run on three hours sleep and sit in a meeting with dried boogers (that are not mine) on my shirt and still be taken seriously? The fact that when a coworker tells me they have a stomach ache I have to resist asking them if they pooped today? I know more about dinosaurs than I ever thought I would. Motherhood has shown me patience, creativity and a love I have never known.” ~ Vanessa Bumpus

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  • Exposed Insecurities and An Opened Heart

    “Motherhood has been at once the most frustrating and exhilarating part of my life. Not only has it exposed some of insecurities and opened my heart for what, at times, seems a raw love, it has emboldened me to live a life that can make my children proud. “ ~ Chaunie Brusie

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  • A Desire to Help Make Change

    “I always had a deep sense of compassion for others, so much that sometimes I had to just step back and disconnect. Motherhood has made it impossible for me to step back. Having three sons who will be living on this earth when I am gone has put a real urgency on my desire to help make change.” ~ Heidi Oran

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  • A New Found Sense of Courage

    “With motherhood came a new found sense of courage. Suddenly I found the strength and courage to stand up for myself and to fight for the future of myself and my child. My love for her, a love unlike anything I had ever known, made me brave. Being her mommy made me strong. And now, as a mother of two, I am more courageous than I have ever been.” ~ Krishann Briscoe

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