What Did Your Daughter Just Call My Son?

It is safe to say that my daughter Rowan is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. Like, she LOVES him to death! She can pick out the shape of his head on just about anything.Hot Dog
Now this isn’t a bad thing. in fact, I find it quite endearing. I love Disney, so it’s much more tolerable than some of the other nonsense kids shows out there. The funny thing is, she doesn’t call him Mickey Mouse. I dare you to take a wild guess at what it is that she calls him…

Have you ever watched the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney Channel? Mickey uses the expression “Hot Dog!” a lot on the show and that catchy little song at the end is called “The Hot Dog Dance.” She can refer to everyone else by their name, but since she was about 18-months-old, she has always referred to Mickey Mouse as “Hot Dog.” This cracks me up, because she is a vegetarian little baby and has no idea what a hot dog actually is. Everyone who knows her thinks this is hilarious, including my husband and myself.

We were so excited to be able to bring her to Disney World this past June. We knew she would freak out over all the Mickeys everywhere. Little did we know that she would be running up to kids the whole day calling them “Hot Dog” as she was referring to who was on their shirt. I was sure that some Mom was going to stop us and yell, “What did your daughter just call my son?” Luckily, that never happened. I do think her mind exploded that day from seeing so many of her favorite characters.

I just told my husband tonight that I am going to be so sad the day she actually starts calling him Mickey Mouse. It will be one of those funny little things that only the parents would realize as a sign of their kid getting older. I secretly hope she calls him “Hot Dog” forever.

Do you have any funny little nicknames your kids have given their favorite characters?

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