His First Pair of Work Boots

My son is a little outnumbered in the house. 

At home, where he spends most of his days, it’s just me, my daughter, and my son to whittle away the hours with library trips, play dates, and cooking sessions in the kitchen. When my oldest daughter comes home from school, it’s more time spent with girls–my son is definitely not a man who is afraid of a little glitter.

Honestly, I love that my son has girls in his life to play with; I love that he picks up a baby and gently rocks her to sleep as happily as he crashes trains around the track.

But as glad as I am that my son is thoroughly in touch with his feminine side, there will come a time in his life when he wants to move on to more “manly” pursuits with my husband, to exciting adventures in the workshop and on the farm.

And for that, he’s only going to need one thing:

His first pair of work boots. 


I came across these perfect little work boots while I was still pregnant with my son; they were just begging to be bought, sitting at the mom-to-mom sale I happened to go to, barely worn and of course ridiculously underpriced. I snatched them up, even though like any expectant mother, I really couldn’t imagine my sweet and beautiful little baby every being big enough to fit into them.

But like babies are wont to do, he did grow. And it was only a matter of time before he donned his first pair of work boots. He wears them all day, asks for them constantly, and wants to put them on even with pajamas. He loves wearing them and it’s the cutest thing to see.

And apparently, it runs in the family to cherish that first pair of work boots. My husband still remembers his first pair of work boots and amongst the men in his family, the moment a son puts on his first pair of boots is the moment he becomes a man.

It’s about looking up to the man before him, literally trying to fill those honorable footsteps, just as my husband did and his father did before him. 

It’s about trying to slip on the same work ethic that his father wears so effortlessly.

It’s about living up to a time-honored tradition of what being a man is all about.

It’s his first pair of work boots.

But it’s also about so much more.

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