60 Hippie Baby Names for Your Little Flower Child

Names inspired by nature, or those having a very carefree, earthy feel to them were popular in the ’60s, and I’ve noticed that quite a few of them are beginning to make a comeback. Celebrities are notorious for choosing unique names for their little ones, and more than several have chosen bohemian names for their children.

Looking for something a little groovy, baby? Here are 60 wonderfully bohemian-inspired names for your little guy or girl!

1. Dusk – in between day and night.

2. Blaze – a flame.

3. Clover – a sweet smelling (and tasting) flower, as well as a traditional symbol of luck, comfort and wealth.

4. Essence – perfume, or the fundamental quality to one’s life.

5. Spirit – has various meanings, ranging from breath to sacred.

6. Ocean – of Greek origin, meaning “sea.”

7. Storm – besides its obvious meaning, the Old English variant means “tempest.”

8. Rain – a fresh blessing from up above. ;)

9. Blue – reminiscent of the sky; Beyonce named her daughter Blue Ivy.

10. Earth – like the planet we live in, this name is strong and solid.

11. Cloud – conjures the feeling of lightness and being as close to the heavens as you can possibly get.

12. Coriander – an herb used mostly in Indian and Asian dishes. It’s also a great unisex name.

13. Petal – as in the petal of a flower. Also the name of Jamie Oliver’s daughter.

14. Honey – naturally sweet!

15. Freedom – to be liberated.

16. Maya – there are different meanings for Maya, ranging from spiritual to traditional (also a form of May).

17. Paisley – a Scottish name, as well a popular fabric design pattern that was “all the rage” during the ’60s and ’70s.

18. Stone – solid as a rock!

19. Patchouli – if the ’60s had an official scent, Patchouli would be that one. Sweet, spicy, and musty, with relaxing and soothing properties.

20. Autumn – one of the four seasons.

21. Flow – to move freely.

22. Flight – to fly!

23. Opal – a gemstone.

24. Aura – a metaphysical word used to describe the energetic atmosphere surrounding each and every individual.


25. Starshine – a variant of Star, this one is a little more glittery and glitzy ;).

26. Xavier – meaning “new house.”

27. Echo – a reverberating sound.

28. Breeze – gentle, pleasing wind.

29. Summer – the warmest season of the year.

30. Windsong – a pretty girls’ name, combining both wind and song.

31. Deja – of French origin, meaning “already seen.”

32. Halo – Greek; meaning a circle of light, or an aura, surrounding an angel or a holy person.

33. China – as in the country.

34. Lyric – the words to a song or hymn.

35. Butterfly – beautiful, free and fluttering!

36. Willow – a tree that sways in the breeze and brings peace and harmony.

37. Destiny – a person’s fortune or fate.

38. Mist – a cloud of fine droplets of water that falls near the surface of the earth.

39. Sky – look up! ;)

40. Cosmic – vastness, in relation to the universe.

41. Zen – to be at peace.

42. Marigold – a bright and sunny flower, often used in gardens and garlands.

43. Saffron – a spice used quite a bit in Indian cuisine; also a popular color in the “hippie” days.

44. Joy – pure and utter happiness.

45. Raven – a large crow.

46. Chakra – of Indian origin and thought; centers of spiritual power in the body.

47. Blossom – a flower.

48. Peace – tranquility and calm.

49. Ziggy – a German name made famous by the musician Ziggy Marley.

50. Natura – inspired by nature.

51. Honesty – a feel-good, virtuous name.

52. Fern – a non-flowering plant.

53. Star – bright and inspirational!

54. Harmony – a beautiful and musical combination or compilation.

55. Rainbow – the rainbow comes at the end of the storm; a multi-coloured sign of hope.

56. Moon – calm, cool, and glowing with life.

57. Flower – sweet, beautiful, and pretty.

58. Sunny – bright and happy!

59. Daydream – happy thoughts.

60. Shea – Irish for “majestic.”

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