Hide and Seek


hideandseekBee recently learned to play the long-favored childhood game of Hide & Seek, full of surprises and gotchas and here-i-ams! Our once quiet home is now filled with shrieks of delight, heavy footsteps pounding from room to room as doors fling open and bedskirts lift. Peek-boo, she says as she looks for me until I finally reveal myself, popping out from behind the door…

We hide in the same places, day after day. She, from behind her favorite yellow basket that houses her laundry. Me, from behind the door to her nursery. Always the same peek-a-boo. Always the same surprise.

Until one day, it won’t be. She’ll grow a bit taller, a basket no longer disguising her crouched-over silhouette. She’ll grow a bit wiser, craving a new perspective in a new hiding space or perhaps no hiding space at all.

She’ll grow a bit older, tiring of childhood games and household adventures – seeking something larger than the four walls of her own room.

Peek-a-boo, she’ll say, peering from behind the steering wheel of her first car. Surprise, she’ll say, a shiny band weighing on her finger. Here I am, she’ll shout, bags in hand, as she storms in the front door for an impromptu weekend visit.

Our lives are filled with Hide & Seek: chasing moments and dreams, dodging fears and sorrows. But for now, there are only baskets and doors. Innocent childhood games, pounding footsteps, lifted bedskirts.

For now there is only laughter and tears, sweet and sour, raw and good. For now, there is only Hide & Seek.

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