Her Own Little Person

Day by day, slowly but surely this girl is turning into her own little person. A little person who loves bread and jam, any type of sauce, and who will gobble up raisins and pickles like they are going out of style. A little person who loves to wear rain boots…all day, every day. A little person who loves to sing “It’s a Small World” and dances every time she hears a beat. A little person who loves the color pink.

Her Own Little Person

When you’re a parent sometimes you find yourself projecting things onto your children. Things that are big and sweeping like hopes and dreams for their futures, to the smaller things like how you dress them and the way you decorate their room. And while there is definitely nothing wrong with having hopes and dreams for our children, I am realizing that the things that my girl is going to achieve and do and love as she gets older will be unique to her and I can’t put her in a box.

This seems like a pretty obvious idea, but it’s something I’m realizing more and more as my girl grows. I’m learning to hold onto my vision of her with a light hand, because it is always going to be changing – as it should. I remember when she was just barely one year old, thinking she was going to be a stoic little thing. She didn’t smile terribly often and it took quite a bit of doing to make her laugh. But, now her personality has evolved and while she still isn’t super easy to impress I most definitely wouldn’t describe her as stoic. She is adventurous and brave – so unlike her mama. She is fun-loving and friendly – definitely not shy in the slightest. She loves all things overtly girly even though it’s totally not my thing. And I love seeing her personality emerge.

I am learning to love every little bit of this little person I have been entrusted with…even the personality traits that might seem less than desirable. I am learning to be thankful for that incredibly determined stubborn streak, because it may mean that she will be a strong girl who stands up for what she believes in and won’t be easily swayed. Watching all of these little parts of my girl blossom is like watching something truly magical happen and I am learning to embrace it all.

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