Tips on Helping Babies with Sensitive Skin

From baby acne to cradle cap and eczema, babies tend to get skin issues due to their new, sensitive skin. Soren has had bouts of it all! We’re currently working with him on a bad case of eczema and this humid, hot, Georgia weather isn’t helping! As a mother, it’s easy to feel like you aren’t doing enough for your little one when they struggle with something like eczema. I’ve definitely found myself feeling self-conscious about his sad, patchy skin on his sweet baby thighs. BUT I have to tell myself and realize that I’m doing everything I can and it’s quite normal for little ones to struggle with skin issues. More often than not they grow out of these types of things. Their little epidermis is new to this world! While I strongly urge you to consult your pediatrician for any issues concerning baby, here are a couple tips we live by to help little Soren out with his particularly sensitive skin.


Wash Before Using – It’s tempting to want to dress baby in their new, cute little clothes as soon as you get them! Or let them cuddle with a brand new blanket. ;) Washing all items that will be touching babies skin is a great way to ensure possible errants are no longer on your clothes or beloved blankets.

Speaking of Washing – We like to use a “Fragrance Free” and more natural detergent for our clothing. Instead of washing babies clothes and mom and dads clothes using a separate detergent, we just use the same, natural detergent for everyone. Baby will snuggle up against you and most likely put your shirt in his/her mouth, so make sure your clothes are washed in the same gentle detergent too!

Baths – Eczema tends to flair up particularly when babies sweat or get overheated. For Soren’s eczema we try to give him a more room temperature bath so he doesn’t get overheated. This works out great because it is TOASTY in Georgia right now!

Fragrances – Fragrances can tend to irritate sensitive skin. My husband is extremely sensitive to fragrances, so in general we try to avoid products with heavy fragrances in them. Look for “Fragrance Free” instead of “Un-Scented”.

Hooray Natural! – We love supporting companies that work to provide whole, natural products for their customers. Besides using our favorite multi-purpose coconut oil, we also love using other natural products for bath-time, out and about, diapers and wipes.

What are some of your go-to methods for assisting with sensitive skin?

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