Hello Disney Baby, My Name is Emily

Hello Disney Baby!

My name is Emily, and I simply cannot believe I’ve found myself here in this space. I’m beyond thrilled to be joining the Disney Baby blog team, and cannot wait to dive in and start sharing my stories about motherhood with you.

I think it’s only proper to do a little introduction of myself and my family, a little “get to know ya” if you will.

So like I said, my name is Emily. I’m 33 years old and live in central Indiana with my husband of ten years and our four unintentionally hilarious children. I’m a corporate interior designer by degree, but for the past three years have all but hung up the designer hat for good, and instead wear a mom jeans each and every day. Wait, just kidding. I don’t wear mom jeans, I wear yoga pants instead.

I’ve been blogging for around 7 years at my personal blog, DesignHER Momma, and have had the pleasure of blogging over at Babble’s “Being Pregnant” and then “Baby’s First Year” as well.

And if you have a spare second, I would love to introduce you to my crazy bunch. I think they’re a pretty cool crew, and I’m excited for you to get to know them real soon.

  • This is me, Emily

    This is me, Emily

    When I’m not parenting or writing about parenting, you will probably be able to find me doing one of the following activities: cooking in the kitchen, reading a good book, running short distances, or digging through a local thrift shop.

  • My partner and husband

    My partner and husband

    We grew up in the same small town, and even “went out” in the fifth grade. We then parted ways until our paths crossed again our Sophomore year of college. By day he makes medicine, and by night he loves to play the bass guitar.

  • Piper, my firstborn

    Piper, my firstborn

    This is Piper, and she will be eight this weekend. She’s kind, she patient, and she has a servants heart. I couldn’t have asked for a more loving and caring firstborn.

  • Nola, my little bird.

    Nola, my little bird.

    Nola is my five years old, and even though she’s as tiny and delicate as a birdie, her personality and spirit cannot be contained.

  • Gage the Rage

    Gage the Rage

    After having two girls, I found myself in shock and disbelief that I finally had a little boy. Gage is two years old, and acts every bit his age.

  • Baby Paul

    Baby Paul

    Baby Paul is absolutely the best 4th child a mom could ever ask for. He’s easy breezy, goes with the flow, and is simply one of the most content little guys I’ve ever met.

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