Headed for the Magic Kingdom

When my oldest daughter turned two we headed for the Magic Kingdom. I will never forget the pep in her tiny steps as she pranced around the happiest place on earth. At 8 years old she doesn’t remember everything from her first visit to Disneyland but she loves to hear the stories. Her favorite one is how she got so excited to meet Minnie Mouse — waving and squealing up until Minnie got too close. So much for the perfect photo op. And now, we are gearing up for Lola’s very first trip. I saved her sister’s outfit (although little did I know that I was saving it for Lola) but she isn’t quite big enough just yet. So, she’s wearing her “Original Mouseketeer” tee! Despite her being so small I’m certain that she will still get to experience a little bit of Disney Magic.

Taking Baby to Disneyland

It will be our first chance to make memories as a family of four and I can’t wait. I imagine one day we will revisit photos and share stories about it and Lola will laugh and smile the way her big sister does now.

Taking baby to Disneyland

I’m reading up on tips and I’m determined to have a great time. The thing about magic — much like baby’s first year — is that it happens quite fast, in the blink of an eye, truly. Now you see it. Now you don’t. Unless you find a way to capture the moments whether it be by photographs or in the form of a mental pictures. I’m hoping to do some of both.

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