What I Love Most About Having All Girls

Four months ago, my fourth baby was born.

And she wasn’t just my fourth baby — she was my fourth girl!

Plenty of people have asked if I was hoping for a boy, or if we were going to try again for a boy. But the truth is, I LOVE having all girls, and if I could have picked the gender for my fourth baby, I would have picked a girl. So when the ultrasound tech told me last fall that the baby was a girl, I burst into tears of joy.

There are lots of big things to love about being a girl mom, like the opportunity to raise strong, hard-working, smart women, but there are so many tiny things that delight me on a daily basis about having girls too.

Here are five little things I love about being a girl mom:

1. Watching them play dress-up with my clothing. Many mornings while I’m getting ready, my girls disappear into my closet and then emerge wearing my high heels and carrying my purses around their shoulders. I remember doing the same thing with my mom’s clothing when I was little.


2. Getting to relive some of my own childhood experiences. I love getting to share my own favorite activities from my childhood with my girls – watching them play with the doll house that still lives at my parents’ house is so sweet, and I love reading them the books I loved when I was little. Of course I could share many of those same things with sons, but since I was never a little boy myself, it would be different.

3. Not worrying about diaper change disasters. Seven years into parenting and I’ve never had anyone spray me during a diaper change. Enough said!

4. Painting everyone’s tiny nails. Any time I pull out my nail polish to do my own nails, I suddenly have all these little girls sitting on my bathroom floor lined up ready for manicures and pedicures of their own. And truly, there is nothing as cute as a bunch of tiny pink fingernails.

5. Looking forward to a lifetime of “girl trips.” One of my friends also has four girls and she told me, “I feel like I’ve created my own little tribe for girl trips for the rest of my life.” I am really looking forward to my girls are all adults and we can go on little weekend trips together.

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