Have You Tried A Mother’s Helper?

Bee is lucky to live in a bustling neighborhood with plenty of young, elementary-aged children that adore having a toddling baby around. And last week at a neighborhood cookout, Ken and I decided to try an experiment…

baby with sidewalk chalk


We asked two of the older kids (5th graders) to play with Bee and keep her safe while we enjoyed the cookout with the adults. They jumped at the chance to play dress up with her, push her on a swingset, play in the sandbox and even feed her a plateful of fruit!

It was our first foray into the idea of hiring a mother’s helper – a younger child that might not be ready for solo babysitting, but has the energy and interest of an incredibly responsible playmate. It was such a treat to watch the kids interact with Bee and teach her new things (and even more of a treat to enjoy an adult conversation without the distracted toddler-chasing that comes with this season of parenting).

Tell me, have you tried a mother’s helper? I love the idea of inviting an older child over to play with Bee while I tackle chores, prep dinner or answer emails, and the kids seem to love gaining experience and practicing the art of babysitting. Win/win!

I’d love to hear if you’ve yet experienced a mother’s helper, or if you plan to? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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