Have You Ever…


Have you ever had a list of things to do that you could make it into a book? Have you ever had dishes in the sink, a suitcase to pack, toys on the floor, bills to pay and appointments to make? Assignments to finish, accounting to complete, writing that needs to be done by 1 a.m. tomorrow morning and meals to plan for the week?

As moms, our lives are crazy, but today, I did something that I think I’m going to do more often — I ignored it all.

Instead, I sat on the couch with my son, turned on the telly, and snuggled. I put my computer away and relaxed as he let his little body relax into mine. It was, in one word — heaven. He held my hand and wrapped his fingers around mine, taking breaks to reach up and kiss me while I melted into a puddle of love mush.

I can’t tell you what the show was about, the plot, or if the characters were happy or sad, because all I did was watch him as he watched the television program. I watched his little lips turn up into a smile and watched his eyes as they so desperately wanted to close, all the while praying that the moment would never end.

Yes, my to-do list is still there, and as soon as I finish writing this, I’m going to have to hustle like there’s no tomorrow. But I can tell you that in that moment, I felt completely relaxed. I forgot everything but him. Spending one-on-one time with your kids without electronic or digital distractions is one of the most amazing things you can do for yourself and your child.

When was the last time you shut everything off and just lived in the moment with your baby or toddler? Leave it in the comments!

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