Happy Sister’s Day: Celebrating the Magic of Sisterhood

Once upon a time I gave birth to a second child. I knew it would change my oldest daughter’s life and it has, but it has changed it beyond what I would ever imagine. For so long all she wanted was a sibling. Sometimes we want things so badly and when we finally get them the excitement fades. It just isn’t quite like we imagined. But for my daughter, having a sister has exceeded her expectations and it has been as magical as she dreamed it would be.

Occasionally I will have a moment where I wonder what took me so long. Why didn’t I give my girl a sibling sooner? Her heart is a big one. She loves loving people. She is caring and nurturing and has made me so proud to be her mother. But then I will look at a photo of the two of them or the sound of their giggles will fill the room and in those moments I realize why I took so long. Had our timing been any different there would be no Lola. All of the time leading up to me being pregnant was to prepare our hearts and our lives for the blessing that was in store for us. The timing had to be so perfect that these two girls would receive the gift of sisterhood in each other.


I look at my girls and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect match. Lola fits in her big sister’s arms perfectly. The two of them laugh almost uncontrollably and in each other’s eyes they find joy. Much like I believe I was made to love them and their daddy I believe that my girls were meant to love each other.

The story of these two sisters is unfolding and I imagine there will be moments where we may have to look a little deeper to see the magic. But these days it radiates throughout our home. I hear it in the footsteps of my oldest as she tip toes through the hallway to see if her sister is awake yet and in the sound of her voice as she reads her stories or tells her it’s ok when she cries. I see it in the way she holds her in her arms or does silly things to get her to smile. I can feel it each time I am in their presence.

With these two I don’t have to wonder if they know how much they love each other. I truly believe that they know. And so, it isn’t really a matter of what took me so long. I know what took me so long. Time had to allow for the opportunity for these two to become sisters. To become best friends. To prepare my husband and I for all of the love and joy that would come our way in the form of a tiny human and all of the love that would come along with her and dwell within each of our hearts.

Today and every day I celebrate the gift of sisterhood. Today and every day I thank God that my two girls get to journey through life as sisters. And I rejoice in the fact that it took me so long because, in the end the timing was just right.

Just right.

(Top photo by Ria Reed Photography)

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