Happy First Birthday, Judah!

Dear Judah,

It’s hard to believe that this time last year, I was on the way to the hospital while your dad was trying to get home from Japan just as fast as he could. It’s even harder to imagine that one day earlier this time last year, I wasn’t a mom. For the rest of my life, there will never be a time when I’m not your mom. And right now, right here, in this very moment, today is your first birthday.

What a marvel to behold.


You have been brave and curious, taking on the world around you, literally turning everything over in your hands. You point, showing us the things you see. You clap and giggle, laughing about things that are terribly funny to you but leave us scratching our heads. You’ve begun to talk: “Up! Up!” and have your own little names for the things in your world – “tat” for cat, “dut” for duck, “ite” for light.

When we first held you the day you were born, your eyes were so wide and full of wonder. We knew you were just as overwhelmed at the world around you as we were about becoming parents: but we both fell into our roles with ease. We helped each other figure it all out together these last twelve months. We wondered, that first day, what kind of baby you’d grow up to be.

Now, a year later, watching your personality bloom has been incredible. You are persistent. You are ticklish. You go with the flow but you make yourself heard when a need isn’t met. You are an amazing sleeper. You are an adventurous eater. You take the time to observe new situations and experiences before deciding you want to dive right in. You’re a snuggler. You’re an amateur drummer: everything is a drum!

Quite simply, Judah: you’re the little boy we were always meant to have – right here, right now, at this precise moment in time. You have been our gift. Our miracle. Our little wonder. Our joyful boy. Our fighter. Our little munchkin. Our whole world and hearts.

And we are such grateful, humbled parents.

We love you so much, Judah.

Mom & Dad

Photo courtesy of Akira Suwa (your Ojichan!)

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