Happy Father’s Day to Our Prince Charming

Most of the Disney Princesses weren’t without a prince. And at just a few months shy of being two years old, my littlest isn’t either.

My oldest daughter has a sign that reads:

“My prince did come; I call him daddy.”

As it would turn out, the first gentleman my daughters fell for is their daddy. He’s had their hearts from the moment they laid eyes on him. They adore him, and he’s pretty fond of them. He has promised to be the keeper of their hearts until the time comes for someone else to take over for him; and he always keeps his promises.

I often watch him and Lola interact with one another. I watch as he twirls her around and she giggles. As she climbs into his lap, book in hand, for a story. How she runs to him and holds on tightly to his legs when she’s scared and buries her face into his chest when feeling bashful. I watch them when he holds her in his arms and they shower one another with hugs and kisses and when he holds her close while she slumbers.


He is her protector, her safe place, and her Prince Charming. Like any Prince, he is eager to show her the world. He gently wakes her from a deep sleep, helps put on glass canvas slippers and guards her against villains (typically well-meaning strangers and rambunctious puppies). He even sings duets.

But he’s also teaching our daughters to be brave and to forge their own paths. To be forthright with their wishes and wants, and to be willing to do the necessary work in order to make them a reality.

In our world, they get to fly on the magic carpet and explore life beyond the shore. He gives them, our budding heroines, the independence they need to grow while making sure that they know he’s not too far behind if they need him. Even something so simple as our Lola eating yogurt with a spoon all by herself.

He knows life can be messy and that there is something quite special about being there to help your child navigate those messes, no matter how big or small.

I can only hope that when the time comes, and if they see fit, in true Merida fashion of course, our daughters meet someone who will handle their hearts with as much care as their daddy.

Until then he will be here. And even after. To help them find their way back to the castle when they’ve lost their way. To help mend pricked fingers. To fight battles on their behalf and when the time comes, stand back and allow them to fight them on their own. To remind them that they are beautiful inside and out and that their dreams are worthy of dreaming.

Our littlest doesn’t know it just yet, but her prince is already here.

In time, she may grow to play make believe, and she will be the princess. And her prince of choice will most likely be her daddy. Or maybe she won’t. But what she will know, is that she is loved by one of the most bravest, kind-hearted, courageous and noble men the world has ever known. The most charming of princes.

She calls him Daddy.

Wishing him and the daddies of the world a Happy Father’s Day.

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