9 Ways to Teach Your Little One to Love the Earth

Happy Earth Day, friends! I hope you take a moment to hug a tree today. Taking care of our planet is one thing I am passionate about. I want to leave my daughters with a world that is green and lush and full of life. It’s never too early to teach little ones about taking care of the planet.

Here are 9 simple ways to show your babe how to care for our world…

  • Raise a Little Tree Hugger

    How to Raise a Little Tree Hugger

    It’s never too early to teach your little one how to take care of the earth!

  • Reduce


    We all know that having too much “stuff” can be a problem. Simplify your life and buy less. It saves the planet when you do!

  • Turn Off The Lights

    Turn Off The Lights

    Little ones can learn to do this at a very early age! Save energy and unplug or turn off unused electricity when you are away.

  • Turn Off The Water

    Turn Off The Water

    When your little one is brushing their teeth with their WINNIE THE POOH Stage 1 Toothbrush from Oral-B, have them turn off the water. We don’t need to waste it!

  • Take Your Own Bags

    Take Your Own Bags

    This is another “chore” that little ones remember well! When you go shopping, take your own bags! You save lots of plastic and paper this way.

  • Repurpose


    Instead of throwing things away, see if they can serve another purpose. Turn a milk jug into a watering can. Use a cereal box for an art project. Even use your receiving blanket as a nursing cover. The more uses something has, the less waste we create!

  • Recycle


    Yet another chore that little ones enjoy! Teach your little one about recycling while sorting out the paper, cans, and bottles.

  • Plant a Garden

    Plant a Garden

    Take care of the earth by planting a garden. Whether you have a small pot or an acre of land, little ones can learn to appreciate the planet by digging it the soil!

  • Go Outside

    Go Outside

    When the weather is nice, take a walk outside in your Minnie Mouse Coral Flowers stroller! When you are outdoors, you are using less electricity and saving the planet!

  • Give Thanks

    Give Thanks

    Most importantly, teach your little one to be thankful for the earth – the food you eat, the water you drink, the sunlight and the rain – little ones can learn a lot by saying “thanks.”

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