Happy Birthday, Bee!

Bee turned two years old yesterday, and Ken and I celebrated by returning home early from a kid-free getaway to sing her three rounds of “Happy Birthday” over bacon and eggs and the love of her doting grandmothers.

We chose to forgo a party this year, and instead, Bee’s grandmothers spoiled her for a few days with sidewalk chalk and birthday lunches and trips to the zoo. She enjoyed tea parties in a new pint-sized picnic basket and practiced her letters and numbers in the setting sunshine…



And now, Bee is an official toddler. We’ve said farewell to the baby years and are entering a new phase of the unknown – from bottles to sippy cups, carpet burns to grass stains, peach fuzz to messy ringlets. It’s all moving quickly now, the replacing of moments and artifacts and waves of memories that roll into each other like a slow-moving tide.


You might be hearing less about Bee in this space over the next few months, as hey, this site’s not called Disney Toddler. But, just like the tide, life will still be rolling along, and I’ll be documenting a new wave for our family – the early pursuit of adoption.

I can’t wait to share the process with you – the growth of a new learning curve, the tiptoeing of our souls. Meet me here each week, won’t you? I’ll be the gal with the toddler daughter, waiting patiently for her baby son.

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