The First Four Months

Our sweet little Apple baby is 4 months old tomorrow. Four months of love. Four months of bliss. Apple is my angel baby and our family could not be more in love!

Here is a little slideshow for my sweet girl.

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” Elizabeth Stone

Apple, you are my heartbeat.

  • happy 4 months love

    Happy 4 Months, Apple

  • you smile now

    You Smile Now

    In the past month, you have started to giggle and smile all the time. Each time you do, my heart nearly stops.

  • hold you tight

    I'm Holding You Tight

    Because you are my third baby, I know better. I know how quick it goes. So every moment that I can…. I am holding you tight. Sneaking constant kisses and snuggles.

  • stretch!


    You still love love love to be swaddled! But when you wake up and I unwrap you, you streeeettttttcccchhh!!! The sweet little face you make when you stretch out your arms is perfection.

  • your big brother

    Your Big Brother

    Your big brother adores you and my favorite moments this month have been watching you smile and giggle at him! He says that he will always protect you little one.

  • first Christmas

    First Christmas

    Next week will be your first Christmas. The first of many! Early mornings by the Christmas tree have been magical with you this December.

  • sisters.


    It’s beautiful & incredible to see the bond already forming between the two of you. Lifelong friends.

  • thank you

    Thank You

    Thank you baby, for changing our world forever. We adore you with all our hearts!

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