How to Make Handprint Paintings with Your Little One

My husband and I own an art studio for kids called A Little Artsy. One of my favorite projects to do with babies and kids is handprint paintings.

In our Mommy & Me classes, we have an entire curriculum of just handprint paintings, and I am so excited to share one with you today that you could create with your little one! (No age is too young! If your baby is under 10 months old, you can use their little feet instead of their hands.)


1. Start off with a blank canvas. I recommend either an 11 x 14 or a 16 x 20.

2. Create your background. Choose colors that you love! I normally let my little one help by finger painting the background, then I come back in with a paper towel or paint brush and even out the colors. Keep in mind to choose a light enough background color so that it doesn’t take away from the flowers, vase, and handprints!

3. Draw your vase and fill it in with paint. This will give you a good idea of spacing when placing your child’s prints on the canvas.

4. Pick what color you would like for the handprints (or feet if you are working with a small baby) and spread the paint on their hand with a paintbrush. This is a good way to manage the amount of paint going on to the picture. Once the hand is painted, carefully place it in various spots on the canvas above the vase. You will most likely need to add more paint in between each print. Once these handprints are dry, take a permanent marker and write your child’s name near one of the prints.

5. Lastly, paint and fill in the flowers, stems and leaves around the handprints. You can use paint for this part, or oil pastels if you would like to switch up the materials.

6. Don’t forget to put the age of your little one and the date on the painting. That way, it will be a memory that you can cherish for years to come! This is also a great gift for holidays and grandparents!

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