Halloween 2013: Little Aviator

Ever since my trick-or-treating days have been behind me, Halloween hasn’t topped my list of favorite holidays. But having Beck has kind of changed that. Yesterday I woke up full of excitement, and Beck could sense it. He was dancing and clapping and had no idea why. Then, as the candy piled in his bag, I think it sunk in.

Here’s what trick-or-treating with an 18-month-old looks like:

1. Walk (climb) up to the door.
2. Parents (us) prod child (Beck) to say “trick or treat” — to which his response is silence.
3. Child stares, is handed candy, continues to stare until parents pick him up.
4. Parents (us) prod child (Beck) to say thanks. Silence.
5. Whines for the next door.

Overall, we enjoyed the holiday and I’m already plotting next year’s costume. How was your day?

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