5 Adorable Photos of Little L at Six Months!

It’s me, Little L!

I know, Mami missed celebrating my 5th month and she nearly missed my 6th month, but I reminded Mami that she had to put on my special-month onesie and take a picture of me. I think she was really busy and I think I heard her say she was “super tired and not getting enough sleep.” I don’t really know what that’s like. Anyway, so much as happened — one day I was on my back and when my brother M held a toy for me in front of my face, I just decided to GO FOR IT. Yep! I’m sitting up all by myself and BOY does it look different up here. I just want to reach out and grab everything!

To be fair, it didn’t just happen “overnight” like I heard Papi say. No way! I’ve been practicing for months, working on my abs and slowly inching upward, and now, I’m here!

Check out a few pics of me sitting alone for the first time in our living room. Can’t wait for what I am going to learn to do in the NEXT six months!

  • SIX months

    SIX months

    Ain’t no stopping her now! She is up and at ‘em. I’m so proud of her and still amazed at how well she is sitting up on her own.

  • See? No support

    See? No support

    She has a very strong back — I guess all those baby ab workouts really did make a difference!

  • Playing with M just got better!

    Playing with M just got better!

    So. Much. Fun. Being able to sit and play with her older brother has been a new adventure for Little L.

  • A whole new world

    A whole new world

    I am pretty sure her smile got MUCH bigger when she sat up. It’s a whole different world up here and she is loving it!

  • Halfway there!

    Halfway there!

    Six months down, SIX more to go until the big ONE YEAR!

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