7 Great Non-Edible Trick or Treat Goodies


I have a confession. I am one of those moms who gets a little worried about Halloween, because I dread the process of rationing out all the candy my kids come home with. Yes, I am definitely okay with more sweets than usual for Halloween, but even with that liberal perspective, the candy they come home with can often seem like way too much.I am especially concerned this year because Jada will be two, and this will be her first time saying “trick or treat” on her own. People will hand her candy because she’s adorable (what 2-year-old in a costume isn’t), and when we get home, I will have the fun job of telling her that it was mostly for fun and there is no way she will get to eat all of that stuff. I’m not too sure how she will take the news.

In an effort to reduce the amount of sugar my kids eat this year, I am going to mix in a few non-edible items when I get ready for the neighborhood kids to ring my doorbell. Of course I will but some of this stuff in my own kids’ bags before we head out. Hopefully the mixture will keep the holiday joyful while showing them treats don’t always have to be sweet.

Here are 7 trick-or-treat items I plan to hand out this Halloween.

Erasers. Erasers are great for school-aged kids as well as preschoolers who are beginning to write. There are tons of cool Halloween-themed erasers and kids will love them.

Stickers. Stickers are fun for kids of all ages (I still get a kick out of them). They are very affordable and you can get themed stickers that can be fun (I recently found glow in the dark stickers that are pretty awesome).

Socks. I know this may sound funny, but hear me out.  My kids absolutely love socks. If you visit the discount section in certain stores, you can find cute, fun socks at a really affordable price. I think it’s a cool treat for younger kids who knock on your door.

Play dough. Kids get a kick out of play dough and you can now buy party packs at a great price. This offers tons of fun without the sugar.

Bouncy balls. Bouncy balls are really fun for everyone. Just be sure to get the ones that are a decent size so they won’t be a choking hazard for the tiniest ones.

Crayons. You really can’t beat the joy of coloring. Mini packs of crayons are great for young kids, and if you are a mom you know that your kids can never have too many crayons.

Mini coloring books. Again, this is something you can find in a discount section. Small coloring books give kids something easy and fun to do at home or on the go. I’m sure their parents will appreciate that more than the sugar high.

I hope some of these suggestions are helpful and encourage you to mix things up this year. Have a happy, healthy Halloween!

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