Grayson’s Favorite Healthy Snacks

Grayson is a lover of all food. Especially when it comes to snack time and fruit and vegetables. However, he does have his favorite! I feel lucky that he loves healthy foods and it makes it easy for him to snack all day. A fruit, vegetable and cheese platter is not just a great snack tray for your tot but it’s a great lunch too!

Take a look through some of Grayson’s all-time favorite snacks!

  • Snacks for Your Tot!

    Snacks for Your Tot!

    Grayson loves to eat. He pretty much snacks all day! Click-through his favorites.

  • Fab Five

    Fab Five

    Graysons favorite snacks are fruit and vegetables but he loves cheese too! Blueberries and strawberries are his favorite! Cucumbers are great for teething babes — he loves chomping on them and cut-up avocado is yummy for toddlers too!

  • Blueberries


    Did you know know that both blueberries and strawberries are a great source of vitamin c for baby! Grayson loves being able to feed himself too.

  • Fruit + Cheese

    Fruit + Cheese

    I either give Grayson a string cheese or slice up cheddar cheese from a cheese block because he is a big fan of feeding himself. Fruit is a great snack with cheese!

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