Grayson Enjoys a Snow Day!

Last week we got a totally of 12 inches of snow! Needless to say, my girls couldn’t wait to go out and play — and I couldn’t wait for Grayson to check it out. Last time it snowed Grayson was sick and didn’t get a chance to venture out and play with his sisters in the snow. We all bundled up and headed out for the first time in the snow with Grayson! For a first timer, I think it’s safe to say he loved the snow. He had so much fun watching his sisters build snowmen and make snow angels. He was mesmerized by it and was pointing everywhere. Grayson just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the view!

Is anyone else snowed in? We had so much fun playing in the snow! Take a look at our snow day.

  • So Studious

    So Studious

    Grayson was just taking it all in. As you can see with this serious face, he didn’t miss a thing!

  • Baby Blues

    Baby Blues

    Doesn’t he look so cozy? I just love this picture of him all bundled up.

  • Okay, Mom.

    Okay, Mom.

    I am getting pretty sleepy now!

  • All Smiles

    All Smiles

    He had so much fun watching his sisters snow ball fights.

  • Mom Tip!

    Mom Tip!

    Grayson’s snow suit was already too snug. Since he gets so hot so easily, I bundled him up with layers. A fleece onesie pajama works so well under a 1 -piece romper. It’s perfect when it’s cold outside or if you don’t have a snow suit.

  • Sister Love

    Sister Love

    Grayson and his older sister Kennadi sharing a little memory in the snow.

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